- A Step By Step Guide


Picture of Rosary Beads

How to Pray The Rosary


Rosary - A Step By Step Guide

Rosary - A Step By Step Guide  - Step-By-Step Guide to this Inspirational Catholic Prayer...

Use our visual guide to learn the sequence of prayers. You will find out where to begin and end as well as how to announce the set of mysteries to be prayed. Always begin the prayer by holding the crucifix of the rosary beads in your right hand. After each prayer move your fingers from one bead to the next as each bead represents a prayer.


How do you pray the Rosary? - A Step By Step Guide

Follow our step by step guide to help you pray this inspirational catholic devotion.



We hope that you gain spiritual inspiration from the information provided on how to Rosary - A Step By Step Guide.  A free Christian resource for information on this beautiful and important catholic devotion. Watch our useful videos about the different mysteries, complete with beautiful music and pictures. They are an ideal resource for teaching your own children or perhaps using as part of catechism classes in preparation for Holy Eucharist or First Holy Communion.

How to pray the Rosary - A Step By Step Guide

 How to Pray the Rosary

  • Pray Rosary - A Step By Step Guide

  • Days of the Week to pray each Mystery

  • List of Mysteries

  • What are rosary beads?

  • How to pray the rosary using rosary beads

  • What are the Rosary Mysteries?

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