Stations of The Cross - Bible Verses

Bible Verses - Stations of The Cross

Look no further to read the bible verse that corresponds to each of the individual Stations of The Cross. From Jesus being condemned to death to his body being laid in the tomb, the text for the bible scriptures to all 14 verses have been included. An important part of the Stations of The Cross devotion is to meditate on the relevant Station while the prayers are recited. Unless you are familiar with the bible verses, you cannot fully take part in the devotion. A free online Catholic resource which you can refer to time and time again to learn the individual bible verses that relate to the stations which make up this beautiful catholic prayer.

Bible Verses - Stations of The Cross Prayer

The Stations of The Cross is a truly inspirational catholic prayer which can be recited alone in silence or as part of a group, family or congregation, being aware of the relevant bible verse for each station of the cross enables you to fully appreciate the Station currently being prayed.  A wonderful way to teach your children about this special catholic prayer. Click on the relevant Station below to read the appropriate bible verses:


Way of The Cross - Bible Verses


1st - First Station - Bible Verses

Jesus is condemned to death

(Mark 15: 1-15, Matthew 27:23-31)


2nd - Second Station - Bible Verses

Jesus takes up the Cross

(John 19:13-17, John 19: 5)


3rd - Third Station - Bible Verses

Jesus falls for the first time

(Isaiah 53: 4-7, Matthew 11:28-30)


4th - Fourth Station - Bible Verses

Jesus meets his Mother

(John 19: 25-27)


5th - Fifth Station - Bible Verses

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his Cross

(Mark 15: 21)


6th - Sixth Station - Bible Verses

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

(John 14: 9, Matthew 25:40)


7th - Seventh Station - Bible Verses

Jesus falls the second time

(Hebrews 4:15, Isaiah 63: 9)


8th - Eighth Station - Bible Verses

 Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem

(Luke 23: 27-31)


9th - Ninth Station - Bible Verses

Jesus falls the third time

(Luke 22: 28-32)


10th - Tenth Station - Bible Verses

Jesus is stripped of his garments

(John 19: 23-24)


11th - Eleventh Station - Bible Verses

Jesus is nailed to the Cross

(Luke 23: 33-43)


12th - Twelfth Station - Bible Verses

Jesus dies on the Cross

(John 19: 28-37, Matthew 27: 50)


13th - Thirteenth Station - Bible Verses

Jesus is taken down from the Cross

(John 19: 38-40)


14th - Fourteenth Station - Bible Verses

Jesus is laid in the Tomb

(Mark 15: 46-47)


Way of The Cross - Bible Verses

Stations of The Cross Bible Verses

Do you know the bible verses that correspond to each Station? Learn how to pray the Stations of The Cross. We have included a step by step guide for you to follow.


Stations of The Cross Bible Verses

The Stations of The Cross prayer is a beautiful catholic devotion which is prayed by repeating individual prayers in a particular sequence as you either move from one station, physically as you would in a church setting or mentally if praying and meditating alone. Understanding the individual bible verses for the Station being prayed is a vital component of the Stations of The Cross prayer. Use our videos to help you pray this devotion alone, simply pause the video while you recite the prayers for each station, a great way to keep track of your progress.

Bible Verses - Gospel and Chapter

This section contains information on all the Bible Verses as well as the gospel and chapter they are taken from.  Check out our easy to follow guide for more information on praying this devotion.



We hope that you gain spiritual inspiration from the information provided on praying the Stations of The Cross.  A free Catholic resource for information on the Stations of The Cross including the text to the relevant bible scripture. You can print the page and refer to whenever you need to or perhaps use it compile your own catholic prayer book.

Bible Verses - Stations of the Cross

 Bible Verse for Each Station of the Cross

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