Stations of The Cross

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Learn how to Pray the Stations of The Cross. We have included a step by step guide for you to follow. Do you know the individual prayers? What prayers make up this comforting catholic devotion? How should they be prayed? What catholic prayers are part of this inspirational catholic prayer? This site provides the answers to all your questions!

The Stations of the Cross devotion is also often referred to as the 'Way of The Cross'. They are a series of fourteen pictures, paintings or carvings that portray the events along Christ's journey in his final hours from his condemnation by Pontias Pilate to his body being laid in the tomb.

Other words used to describe the prayer are: ‘Way of Sorrows’ or ‘Via Dolorosa’.

Stations of The Cross

Stations of The Cross - A Step by Step Guide, Prayers, List of Stations, Bible Verses, Catholic Prayers...

The devotion is believed to have begun with St Francis of Assisi and is observed throughout the world by Catholics who commemorate the journey made by Jesus in his final hours.

The Stations can be prayed at any time during the church year but is particular relevant during the season of Lent, especially on Good Friday and the Fridays during the season of Lent.

Other words used to describe the prayer are: ‘Way of Sorrows’ or ‘Via Dolorosa’.

Stations of The Cross

The Stations are usually prayed together as a congregation during the season of lent but can however be prayed alone. They cover the important events along Christ's final Journey. The Stations begin when Christ is condemned to death and end when his body is laid in the tomb.
When prayed as part of a group, the officiating celebrant moves from one station to another while the congregation make the responses. When the Stations of the Cross is prayed by two or more people, the prayers can be recited aloud.

Stations of The Cross - History

It is thought that the Stations originated as a way that those unable to travel the pilgrimage route in Jerusalem, the ‘Via Dolorosa’, and the plenary indulgence attached to the pilgrimage is also given to those who prayerfully make the journey of the fourteen stations.  

The images of the Stations of the Cross are usually displayed around the inside walls of churches and chapels, but are also often found near shrines.

Many texts have been written for use during the Stations, but that of St. Alphonsus Ligori remains the most popular.

  • First Station: Jesus is condemned to death

  • Second Station: Jesus carries His cross

  • Third Station: Jesus falls the first time

  • Fourth Station: Jesus meets his mother

  • Fifth Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross

  • Sixth Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

  • Seventh Station: Jesus falls the second time

  • Eighth Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

  • Ninth Station: Jesus falls a third time

  • Tenth Station: Jesus clothes are taken away

  • Eleventh Station: Jesus is nailed to the cross

  • Twelfth Station: Jesus dies on the cross

  • Thirteenth Station: The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross

  • Fourteenth Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb

Praying the Stations

The devotion of the Stations of the Cross can be prayed alone or as a group. In order to pray the Stations of the Cross, the individual or group move from one station to station meditating and reciting prayers on the events depicted which relate to Christ's Passion, from the first station where he is condemned to death through to the burial of Jesus in the tomb.

It is customary for the congregation to sing verses of the medieval hymn Stabat Mater ("By the Cross her Station Keeping") between each station. There are several traditional catholic prayers that are prayed at each station, we have included a list of prayers and a selection of videos for an interactive way of leaning the stations or a useful teaching resource, ideally for teaching children the stations of the cross.



We hope that you gain spiritual inspiration from the information provided on praying this beautiful catholic devotion.  A free Christian resource for information on the stations of the cross. Watch our useful videos, complete with beautiful music and pictures. They are an ideal resource for teaching your own children or to use as part of a catechism class, in preparation for the season of Lent. Our visual guide is a great way to teach the individual stations and their significance.

Stations of The Cross

 Stations of The Cross

  • Stations of The Cross, also referred to as Way of The Cross

  • Inspirational Catholic Devotion

  • List of Individual Stations

  • Bible verses for all the Stations

  • What is the Stabat Mater Prayer?

  • How to pray the stations, alone or as a congregation

  • What are the Stations? Meaning and Definition

  • History of Prayers

  • Events in Christ's Final Journey on earth

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